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Resident Evil Game

2009-06-27 22:05:09 by JARZIZ

Me and Rockyusa are making a new flash game. as the title implies, it is Resident Evil based. i happen to be doing the art(which i assure you will be amazing) and rocky is doing... well...he told me he was doing effects(whatever that means). we might have a music person( i'll ask rocky later) but we still need a programmer. if your interested in programming the game(it will be a 2d game) contact me and i'll send you some of my artwork to show you what your getting into. Specifically we need you to be good with as2(action script 2)

game details
we're planning on making it 2d with a moving enviroment(it will be moving when the character in the game walks or runs or jumps forward, something like that.)
(example of movement)
also i will probably be animating some cut-scenes so we might also be need a couple voice actors. after i get the plot from rocky, i'll have the characters i need to make a list.
if your interested in VA(voice acting)* just PM me for the list. after that, you can audition for a part.


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2009-06-27 23:15:37

As a big fan of Resident Evil, I hope you know what you're doing.